Poker Expats Poker Expats Mexico

Complete Relocation Service

  • Application for your basic travel Visa*1
  • Assistance in opening your new foreign bank account*2
  • Submission of your land line telephone/internet account*3
  • Assistance in getting a rental property lease*4
  • Securing a wifi/satellite/cellular back up Internet account
  • Assistance in getting auto/health/travel insurance
  • Help in getting a local cell phone account
  • Help in securing accounts for all utilities. Electric/gas/cable
  • Referrals for English speaking Doctors/Dentist if neede
  • Tour of the area showing you the best places to shop/surf/party/etc.
  • Vital information on the local COPS and legal issues you need to know
  • Access to the Poker Expat VIP Concierge Service*5
  • Some services may not be available in some countries.*6 
  • Everything is available in Rosarito Beach, Baja
  • Bi-Lingual Translator for all of the above if needed

In countries when English is not the local language we will provide you with an Expat Rep who is bi-lingual and they will assist with you through every step of the relocation process.

*1) Your Expat Rep will take you to the Visa office and help you get all of the required paperwork needed to remain in the country and open a bank account.

*2) Your Expat Rep will take you to the bank and introduce you to your banker and assist you in getting an account opened.

*3) Your Expat Rep will take you to the local phone office and help you get your local line ordered.  In some countries like Mexico and Costa Rica the phone service can be less than what one would like. Installations can take weeks in some cases.  Your Expat rep will stay on top the company until your service is installed. In Rosarito Beach, Mexico you do not have to be present for this process. We have a relationship with Telnor (local Telco) that allows us to handle the entire process without you. All we need is a copy of your ID with a note that says we are authorized to assist you. You just sit back and we take care of it all.

*4) Poker Expats works with licensed reputable Realtors who understand the unique needs of our clients. IE: Hot Tubs / Ocean Front / BBQ / Party Rooms / Roof Top Decks / VIP Lifestyle accessories. They also understand that at times our clients may cause excessive noise and jubilation and are prepared to manage the neighbors. ALL Poker Expat clients are aware that we expect them to respect the property we represent and notify us should any damage occur within 24 hours of said damage occurring! Our goal is to assist our clients in living life to the fullest as long as we are not embarrassed or sued due to your lack of control and common sense. Play Hard and Live Hard! Just don’t fuck up our client’s homes or our reputations.

*5) Perhaps you need a ride from the airport or just want someone to do your shopping for you, or you need a maid to come once or twice a week and take care of the mess you created while you were grinding your life away, or maybe you are tired of eating taco’s every day and you need a professional chef to prepare your meals for you.  That my friend is what living VIP is all about and our goal is to assist you in that dream and to make sure that you find everything your heart desires. And should, God forbid, you fuck something up or get in an accident with your roommates car we will be there to help you out. The fee will be determined by the assistance you need or the level of disaster you have created.

*6) Contact us for specific services for all locations except Rosarito Beach, Baja where everything is possible. Due to local laws and regulations there may be some issues or challenges with banking or visa requirements or other hard to solve problems. has an A la Carte program for players who have already moved to their destination city but still need some specific services to enhance their lives. Prices and services vary by location so contact your Expat rep to schedule a consultation. Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Set up of a local Bank Account
  • Installation of you internet service
  • Application for your travel visa
  • Application for citizenship in your host country
  • Set up of local cell phone service
  • Payment of all of your local bills each month
  • Set up of local utilities, cable/electric/phone etc.
  • Application for fast pass Sentri card used at U.S. border crossings

If there are specific services that you need which are not listed on our website contact our Concierge department for help making those happen.

At we understand that many of our clients require a higher level of assistance in acquiring products and services that are beyond our standard relocation package. For that reason we have established the VIP Concierge department to make sure that all of your needs are taken care of.

There are few limits to what we can do to make sure that your live is as close to Rock Star status as possible. The list below will give you a rough idea of some of the services we have provided our clients in the past, but should not be looked at as the definitive list of what we can provide.

So contact our VIP Concierge today and find out what living the VIP lifestyle is all about.

  • Personal Driver
  • Maid Service
  • Professional Cook or Chef
  • Tour Guide/Translator
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Grocery Shopping and Delivery
  • Club Tours
  • Body Guards
  • Massage Services
  •  Bill Payment Services
  • Unmentionables

Finding the right Rental property is one of the most important services that provides. We find the #1 broker in each market and make sure that they understand the unique needs of our clients and the level of luxury that some of them expect. All approved Realtors in the Expat network have access to their local Multiple Listing Service so that they can search for and find exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for a cost effective ocean view condo or a luxurious Mansion with all of the amenities our broker partners are there to make it happen.

Your Expat rep will personally introduce you to your new Realtor and follow up on that request to make sure that you have received the level of service that you deserve. You will begin to receive new rental listings in your email within 24 hours and you can then select properties that you want to see.

Once you have found the perfect place to call home your Realtor will forward a copy of your lease to our office so that we can submit your application for the Poker sites you wish to use.

So give us a call today and find out why all of the top players choose for their relocation needs.


  • Full Service Relocation Program

    • $1450 Couple: Player and Spouse
    • $950 individual
    • $750 Group(each): 2 or more people who are roommates and book together
    • $1500 Out of Market: Complete research and relocation to a market not yet covered.
  • A la Carte Services

    • Varies depending on services needed
  • Expat VIP Services

    • Translator/ Guide, Hook Ups, Bail and Jail Rescue, Events, Special Friends and other hard to solve issues. Price quoted per request.
  • Mexican Citizenship

    • $1500 individual: Application for your FM2 visa which establishes the ability to file for Mexican citizenship after 3-5 years of residency without first filing for an FM3 which takes an additional 5 years.


  • Full Service Relocation Program

    • $1650 Couple: Player and Spouse
    • $1200 Individual
    • $900 Group (each) 2 or more people who book and pay together
    • $1500 Out of Market: Complete research and relocation to a market not yet covered.
  • A la carte Services

    • Varies depending on services needed
  • Expat VIP Services

    • Translator, Personal Driver, Maid Service, Professional Chef, Airport Shuttle, Massage Services, Club Tours, Grocery Shopping, Body Guard, Bill payment Service. Quoted on Request.