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Expat Ambassador is looking for a few good Men, and Women, who love the foreign cities they live in and want to share that passion with new arrivals from the U.S. and abroad. We are looking for people who know the best places to eat, shop, party and live in countries that are good locations for professional poker players. You have to be on top of your game and believe that VIP customer service is something you can provide to join our crew.

Our Expat Ambassadors are responsible for ensuring that every poker player who relocates to one of the cities we feature will get online and back in the game as fast as possible. You need to love working with people and have the ability to negotiate in the language of that city and make connections with all of the people who matter. You will be responsible for securing agreements with local banks, phone companies, government visa offices and any other service providers that we need to serve our clients in the best way possible.

If you are uncomfortable with making deals to get our clients VIP access to clubs or faster installations on phone service then this is not a job for you. If you’re a wheeler dealer who can make things happen then we need to talk. VIP service is all about making deals happen, getting to the front of the line and moving in the right circles.

As an Expat Ambassador you will control the keys to the city and everything that comes with it. Your job will be making things happen when others can’t, opening doors that remain closed for the competition, and gaining access to what others only wish they could see.

And the best part is that you get paid to do this. Professional Poker players want someone else to do the heavy lifting in life and that’s where we come in. We solve their problems and provide them with all of the things that they need to live large and party hard. As a Poker Expat Ambassador you’re a Butler on Monday, a Driver on Wednesday and a Bail Bondsman on Friday (Or very early Saturday morning).  And because Poker players are grateful to have these things done for them they pay very well for the services they receive.(Especially when they are in custody for driving drunk and hitting a donkey in a foreign country)

So if you think you have what it takes to play in the world of VIP Concierge then drop us a line so we can have a one on one……………………..